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Why Would an Individual Use This Site?

Our Michigan child support calculator is the only free calculator you will find on the web today that considers every aspect of Michigan law regarding child support calculation. We go further to make our calculator no only complete, but simple to use while containing easily accessible help information.More info for individuals here.



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You have come to this site looking for information on your case. We are experts in child support as well as all aspects of divorce and family law.Put us to work for you!



Why Would an Attorney Use This Site?

This Michigan child support calculator will simplify the task of calculating child support while allowing you access to a fully functional calculator anywhere you may go. You never need to update it, there is never anything to install. See more here.



How it Works

This child support calculator for Michigan asks you a few questions about how much each parent makes, how much time is spend with each parent, who pays medical insurance, and childcare.  Read this to see more about how it works.



About the Michigan Child Support Formula

What goes into child support calculations in Michigan? Our calculator is based on the Michigan child support formula.Read this to see how the formula works.



Deviating From the Formula

The law provides for a number of reasons deviation from the formula can be considered by the courts. Eighteen of them are specifically mentioned in the Michigan Child Support Manual. Read this to see if any apply to your case.



What about Spousal Support?

We have been asked if we make an alimony (or what in Michigan is referred to as spousal support) calculator. We don't agree that anything that claims to be an alimony calculator can be based in Michigan law.Read more on spousal support.



Infrequently Asked Questions

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