Michigan Child Support Calculator

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How It Works

The Estimator asks you a few questions about how much each parent makes, how much time the children spend with each parent, who pays medical insurance, and childcare. As you click through each question, help information tells you what counts and what doesn't, and gives you other useful information. The Estimator is a single page, and 13-15 questions.



Click through each section, hit submit, and see your results:



Your results page is printable. Take it with you to your Friend of the Court meeting, or show it to your clients, or your attorney.

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Help Information

As you work through each section of The Estimator, you'll find useful information in this part of the page.


For example, for income, there's a list of what counts as income, and what doesn't. Same for deductions.


This help information will anticipate your questions and guide you through the process.