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A Child Support Calculator for Individuals

The problem with other online child support calculators is that they only provide you with an answer that is called (in court terms) “base support.” Base support is determined by the State of Michigan's formula. This is what the state considers the total monthly cost to provide for children, and only considers the parents' combined incomes.


While they may be factually correct in determining the base support amount, most child support payments ARE NOT this amount. The State of Michigan's formula goes further to determine the total support payments taking into account for differences in the two parents' incomes, parenting time, and other factors (like cost of health care, day care, and some other things). This often makes a huge difference between what other calculators display and what will be calculated when you go to meet with your attorney and/or the Friend of the Court. It can lead to failed expectations or unneeded anxiety when the simpler formulas give a result which may be a few times higher or sometimes lower than what would be calculated using the proper formula.


Our Michigan child support calculator talks you through all of the fields with helpful information right next to each question (with an easy to understand more detailed description available when needed), leading you to an accurate, complete result.

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