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A Child Support Calculator for Attorneys

When compared to the existing Michigan child support calculators, The Michigan Child Support Calculator is simple, modern, clean, automatically updated, and portable.


The Michigan Child Support Calculator is simple. When it comes down to it, child support calculations in Michigan are based on far fewer factors than it would seem by looking at other products. We don't ask you a dozen ways what the parties income, deductions, etc would be. We ask for their income and deductions. Along with this, there are simple notes on the side of the input fields telling you what we're looking for, then additional information is available for the fields where you may want more information. All of the information available in the help sections comes from the Michigan Child Support Manual from SCAO but simplified and tailored to the specific help topic.


The Michigan Child Support Calculator is modern. This child support calculator works on any device that has a web browser. It doesn't matter if you have a PC or a Mac, if you prefer Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or any other JavaScript-enabled web browser. It works on mobile devices too. There is nothing to install (potentially saving you IT costs). Nothing to send away for, saving you time. No license keys to keep track of. You are not paying for software, rather you are using a service.


The Michigan Child Support Calculator is clean. Our user interface flows well from section to section. It is aesthetic enough that if you were meeting with your client discussing child support, you can feel confident showing them this calculator as you work through different scenarios without worrying that they wouldn't be able to follow what you were doing. The clean layout of the input and results sections make using this tool unmistakable to you and your clients. Also, the expanded help sections for the different sections simplify the child support manual in a way that makes it clear to the user what is being asked. This saves you time from having to research individual sections of the support manual, allows you to work more efficiently, and makes you come across more knowledgable on the subject.


The Michigan Child Support Calculator updates automatically. The Michigan child support formula is scheduled to be updated in 2012. When this happens, any installed software you may be using today will become obsolete and need to be replaced. However, The Michigan Child Support Calculator's users will not encounter this issue. Once published, we will make these changes once (on our servers) and all of our customers will be shown the new results. Our customers don't have to do anything to utilize the new formula (once published and integrated into our service). Again, you are not paying for software, rather you are using a service.


The Michigan Child Support Calculator is portable. With traditional software, you are licensed to have it installed per computer that is going to use it. If you are going to use it on your work PC, your laptop, and your home, you are generally required to purchase an individual copy for each of these. With The Michigan Child Support Calculator, you don't have this issue. The only software required is something that every PC, Mac, and may other devices already have... a web browser. So, if you use it at your desk, your laptop, your home computer, and occasionally a partner's office, your one account works for you.


The Michigan Child Support Calculator will simplify the task of calculating child support while allowing you access to a fully functional child support calculator anywhere you may go. You never need to update it, there is never anything to install. Just get started today.


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