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A legal advocacy project of Michelle Steffen, Attorney.


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A legal advocacy project of Michelle Steffen, Attorney.


This website allows individuals and attorneys to calculate Michigan child support. The calculator takes all the relevant factors into account, including number of children, overnights, health insurance, and the low-income formula. As you complete the simple form, help information will guide you through each section and give you tips.


Other programs that are available on the internet are often inaccurate. Even though they may roughly calculate a base support amount, most payments are not this amount. There are additions and exceptions, like offsets for overnights, medical insurance, child care, and a different formula for very low incomes. These additions and exceptions can change the actual payment significantly from the base amount.


I hope that providing access to information regarding child support will improve accuracy in court orders, help individuals understand the legal process affecting them and their families, and help you make informed decisions based on that information.


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